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Atmega8 / 328 Development Board

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Atmega8 Development Board V1.0.0

(Without uC)

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Atmega8 / Atmega8L / Atmega328 compatable development board with direct 16x2, 16-Pin LCD connections. The buard is having onboard 5 VDC regulator IC for constant supply for microcontroller.

For providing regulated supply voltage to external modules like RC servo motor, PIR, Temperature Sensor e.t.c. 3-Pins for GND & 3-Pins for 5 VDC is provided on board

For interfacing or providing power to L298 DC motor driver or stepper motor drive a seperate 2-Pins connector is present on board for 12 VDC & GND

Remaining digital & analog I/O Pins are connected with single row burg strip for connecting the microcontroller to other modules or data transfer between microcontroller & the module 

Multi Purpose Development Board :- 


Interface With LCD :-

A on board 12-Pin multipurpose connector is provided spicily for direct interfacing of lcd to the microcontroller no need of using external power supply for lcd or backlight, no need of connecting separate pot for varying the contrast of lcd, Its all on board.

Connection with LCD :- LCD shall be used in 4-Bit mode, you can also use both side female type breakout cables for connecting lcd with development board.