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Atmega8 / 328 Development Pcb

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Atmega8 / Atmega328 Single Sided PCB for development

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Atmega8 / Atmega8L / Atmega628 compatable development board with direct 16x2, 16-Pin LCD connections. The buard is having onboard 5 VDC regulator IC for constant supply for microcontroller.

For providing regulated supply voltage to external modules like RC servo motor, PIR, Temperature Sensor e.t.c. 3-Pins for GND & 3-Pins for 5 VDC is provided on board

For interfacing or providing power to L298 DC motor driver or stepper motor drive a seperate 2-Pins connector is present on board for 12 VDC & GND

Remaining digital & analog I/O Pins are connected with single row burg strip for connecting the microcontroller to other modules or data transfer between microcontroller & the module